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The Travelers of Hadrofair

 Take a glimpse into a Vast World of Curious Inhabitants and Endless Pursuits

This site contains a series of written adventures within the high fantasy world of Hadrofair. It contains episodic content that grows and evolves over time, information regarding the characters and important npcs within the world, and a bit of information regarding the world and the design concepts it's based upon. By exploring this website, you will take the first steps into an evocative world powered by the Dungeons and Dragons fifth edition gaming engine, Mythic game master emulator, D100 Dungeon engine, Four Against Darkness engine, Fantasy AGE system, donjon randomizer engines, UNE npc emulator, and a host of other tables and rule sets.

The tales within the Story page and Story Vault page are created using the amassed gaming power of countless creators and the imagination of one old writer. I will continue to post new episodes, scenes, and extended content, as time goes on, creating an elaborate and wondrous world. Kick back, relax, have a read, and welcome to Hadrofair.


The art used within this site comes from a variety of sources, but we are not hesitant to give credit where credit is due. If you see a piece that is yours - and you can prove it's your work - we will credit your work and provide links to your material. is not a profit-making entity, and, as such, seeks no benefit from the utilization of the art provided, but we will gladly aid in the advancement and marketing of the arts and artists whose work is shown within these pages.


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