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The Hadrofair Corporation

Your Trusted Friend in the Terminus Systems

"The Kencadre Interstellar corp ran freight numbers that would make the old QuadGal mega systems blush. But it wasn't enough. Kencadre saw the creds the Hadrofair Corporation was generating and switched gears. They started to move in on the security front, and diverge their resources into security and freight. Then the word got out throughout the Terminus that Hadrofair was working with the Jackers and the whole damned Forge turned upside down. Now, you can't find a single straight shooter in controlled space who thinks Hadrofair is a better option than KenSec jump squads. Kencadre rolls twice as hard, has twice the machine power, and can cover a planet in half the time. And apparently somebody forget to tell those boys over at Hadrofair because they seem to think they're still the most trusted name in the Forge. What a joke. So, long story short, if you're looking to pack a punch get in touch with Kencadre Interstellar and tell 'em I sent ya. If you're looking for something a little less on the up and up, I'll send ya to Hadrofair and you can pretend you never saw me."

This site is designed as a storage facility and storytelling hub for a dedicated universe created using the Ironsworn: Starforged rpg by Shawn Tomkin. Everything contained within these pages pertains to a particular iteration of The Forge. 


It's a work in progress. Thanks for stopping by. 


The art used within this site comes from a variety of sources, but we are not hesitant to give credit where credit is due. If you see a piece that is yours - and you can prove it's your work - we will credit your work and provide links to your material. Hadrofair.com is not a profit-making entity, and, as such, seeks no benefit from the utilization of the art provided, but we will gladly aid in the advancement and marketing of the arts and artists whose work is shown within these pages.

WARNING: The stories and events contained within this site offer mature subject matters and are not suitable for young readers. Please keep this in mind when wandering these pages. The tales within are not for the eyes of innocence. This Home page is as tame as the site gets. 


The Wretched Hole outside of Jennington'
Tarlsberg Falls City Art 1 (Floating Tow