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The World of Kathig

Cronemoor, The Hadrofair, and other Provinces of the Ironlands

"The most prominent of the western provinces is known as The Hadrofair. It was built by the Old Worlder Hadronus and Fairfax families, shortly after their arrival centuries ago. The Hadrofair stretches from the gates of the Golden City of Caldus on the coast of the Porthca Vale to the river city of Illvasriad on the edge of the Falls River. It’s the most well-traveled province in all of Kathig, but it’s also the most notoriously belligerent towards magic users and difficult to exist in as a Child of the Plane. Conversely, the Cronemoor Province is the latest to be built, and its people are receptive and accepting towards the dark magic that flows within its countryside. The gods of old favor the Cronemoors, but may the heavens of old and new help those who seek to gain traction among the secretive Children of the Plane within The Hadrofair." 

This site is designed as a storage facility and storytelling hub for a dedicated world created using the Ironsworn rpg by Shawn Tomkin. Everything contained within these pages pertains to the world known as Kathig - also known as the Ironlands. It's a unique setting that harnesses classic elements of fantasy and horror to create something new. If you're a fan of dark fantasy and grim settings, you're bound to enjoy the content.


It's a work in progress. Thanks for stopping by. 


The art used within this site comes from a variety of sources, but we are not hesitant to give credit where credit is due. If you see a piece that is yours - and you can prove it's your work - we will credit your work and provide links to your material. is not a profit-making entity, and, as such, seeks no benefit from the utilization of the art provided, but we will gladly aid in the advancement and marketing of the arts and artists whose work is shown within these pages.


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