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The Realms of Ash

"The most prominent of the roadways is known as the Hadrofair. It was built by the Hadronus and Fairfax families of the Kingdom of Ruvanthal and the Kingdom of Keldenvolk, respectively. The Hadrofair stretches from the gates of the Golden City of Caldus in the middle of the Havens, within the Kingdom of Ruvanthal, down to the coastal city of Illvasriad, in the former Kingdom of Keldenvolk. It’s the most well-traveled road in all of the Realms of Ash, but it’s also the most notorious. The Kingdom of Keldenvolk was the first to be hit by the Sundering, and it fell within months. That grand old kingdom was torn apart from within as the Sundering drained what was left of its vitality. The dead now cross the heart of Hadrofair in the darkest regions of the south."

This site is designed as a storage facility and sounding board for a dedicated world created using the Ironsworn role playing game engine. Everything contained within pertains to the world known as the Realms of Ash. Whether you're a fan of Ironsworn or just a fan of dark fantasy, you're bound to enjoy the eventual content. It's a work in progress. Thanks for stopping by. 


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