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Saga Havensbane

An Ironsworn Fan Site and Story Log

      This site was created for the purposes of cataloguing and showcasing a variety of tales within a singular, living and breathing Ironsworn role playing game world. All stories and characters contained within are designed for the purposes of expanding the scope of the world and increasing the functionality of it for future play sessions. The world itself is the primary focus, while all of the characters forge their own destinies.


     The art used within this site comes from a variety of sources, and we are not hesitant to give credit where credit is due. If you see a piece that is yours - and you can prove it's your work - we will credit you and provide links to your material. This site is not a profit-making entity, and, as such, seeks no benefit from the utilization of the art provided, but we will gladly aid in the advancement and marketing of the arts and artists whose work is shown within these pages.

     Welcome to the Ironlands. Scroll down on this page to see the World Truths and begin your journey. 

World Truths

These are the building blocks of the world. Each truth sets the table for how the games will unfold and what the characters will experience. Each tale added to the site will begin with these foundational offerings. 

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The Old World could no longer sustain us. We were too large in number. We had felled the forests. Our crops withered in the barren ground. The cities and villages overflowed with desperate, hungry people. Petty kings battled for scraps. We cast our fate to the sea and found the Ironlands. A new world. A fresh start


The imposing hills and mountains of the Ironlands are rich in iron ore. Most prized of all is the star-forged black iron

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Before the Ironlanders, before even the firstborn, another people lived here. Their ancient ruins are found throughout the Ironlands.


We have forged the Ironlands into a home. Villages within the Havens are connected by well-trod roads. Trade caravans travel between settlements in the Havens and those in outlying regions. Even so, much of this land is untamed.

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Each of our communities has its own leader, called an overseer. Every seventh spring, the people affirm their current overseer or choose a new one. Some overseers wear the iron circlet reluctantly, while others thirst for power and gain it through schemes or threats.


Our warbands are rallied to strike at our enemies or defend our holdings. Though not nearly as impressive as the armies that once marched across the Old World, these forces are as well-trained and equipped as their communities can manage. The banners of the warbands are adorned with depictions of their Old World history and Ironland victories.

Realms of Ash art 2.jpg


Magic courses through this land as the rivers flow through the hills. The power is there for those who choose to harness it, and even the common folk often know a helpful ritual or two.


A few Ironlanders still make signs or mumble prayers out of habit or tradition, but most believe the gods long ago abandoned us.

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The firstborn live in isolation and are fiercely protective of their own lands.


Beasts of all sorts roam the Ironlands. They dwell primarily in the reaches, but range into the settled lands to hunt. There, they often prey on cattle, but attacks on travelers, caravans, or even settlements are not uncommon.


We are wary of dark forests and deep waterways, for monsters lurk in those places. In the depths of the long-night, when all is wreathed in darkness, only fools venture beyond their homes.

Map of the Ironlands
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