About Hadrofair

System: 5e D&D, Mythic, UNE, and a number of other tools

Playable Races Available: Aasimar (Variant, Protector, and Scourge only), Centaur, Dwarf (Hill and Mountain), Elf (High, Wood, Dark, and Sea only), Firbolg, Dragonborn, Halfling (Lightfoot and Stout only), Human (also Variant Human), Tabaxi, and Tortle

Playable Classes Available: All official D&D 5e classes except Artificer

The world of Hadrofair contains a tale of two deeply divided peoples on its hemispheres, separated by a magical winter. The root cause is believed by the inhabitants to be the conflict between the good and evil aasimar across the globe.

The northern hemisphere is a cold, dark, and inhospitable place full of mountainous stretches and snow-covered flatlands. This is where all of the centaurs, firbolgs, tabaxi, and tortle, were originally from. It was once a verdant landscape of tropical splendor, but now has fallen under what the people of the world calls the "sorrow moon" and remains a frozen wasteland where only the sturdiest of humans, dwarves, and aasimar now live. The sorrow moon effect that blankets the northern hemisphere is believed to be caused by the dark aasimar.

The southern hemisphere is currently a land of lush vegetation, endless forests and streams, and coastlines that go on seemingly forever. All races exist within this plentiful environment, but the former races of the north are all transplants from their prior homelands. The centaurs, firbolgs, tabaxi, and tortle have made migrations to the south over the last century, after the arrival of the sorrow moon, and some of the communities they arrived at were more hospitable than others.

The humans and dwarves are the two largest overall populations on the planet. This is due to the dwarves and humans of the northern hemisphere who have made roots within the frigid landscape, combined with the already established humans and dwarves of the south. The last hundred years were productive for the northern communities, despite the sorrow moon. The only race who never left the northern hemisphere was the dragonborn. Some of the largest holds of the north consist entirely of dragonborn.

Additional Rules for the Setting:
There are no explosives or firearms within this setting. This world is strictly within the technologically limited fantasy setting based around early 13th century Europe; similar to as shown in the original 1e D&D game where the longbow is the pinnacle of ranged weapon tech. Also, there are no mechanical constructs in this setting. Elementals and constructs of a non-mechanical design do exist, but tinkerers and those who work on mechanical devices are restricted to the technology of the early 13th century European ceiling.