The Characters

Graneth Macarde - Human Paladin- Background: Macarde comes from a long line of law men. He began his career as a city watchman. He was good at his job and received several commendations, but the constant stream of evil criminals, bloodied resolutions, ravenous assailants, and mystical horrors, took their toll. He joined the Temple of the Lightbringer, and began a new life as a servant of the divine light and devotee of the goddess Avaranthis. His path cleansed his mind but did not tame his restless spirit. After rising through the ranks of his temple's paladin guard, Graneth gave up his life of order in both the systems of law and of faith and took to the road as an adventurer. He is a conflicted soul. However, he's ever the finder of peace and the arbiter of justice. Some things will never change no matter how hard he tries.

Adrasio - Centaur Ranger - Background: Adrasio comes from a family of centaurs who once roamed the north. He and his kin are transplants from the northern hemisphere of Hadrofair. Long gone are the days of centaurs running free in the plains of old, but they will make their mark upon the wilds of the south. Adrasio is a skilled hunter and tracker, and loves to explore the northern reaches of his countrymen's old haunts.

Candle in the Dark - Tabaxi Rogue - Background: Candle was a poor cat living in a big city, but that never bothered him. His constant sense of humor and good nature left all who knew him finding him to be a beacon in the downtrodden mess of humanity in the impoverished parts of town. He was a candle in the darkness of the masses, and those who knew him loved him. He's a quick wit and a sharp tongue, and few things will ever rattle him.