Demon Seed (A D&D 5e, Mythic, UNE Story)

The following is the current iteration of the story in progress. It can and will change regularly, but it's always progressing and moving forward. 


Mod #1, Complete the Contract, reward: 200 xp each + kill xp

Total Kill XP To Date: 300

The following contains all of the notes for this quest line. It makes mention of the various rolls from the Mythic and UNE supplements, but it does not show the rolls made for attributes, skills, saving throws, and all of the various combat rolls, for the base D&D game. Many more rolls are being made beyond what is shown, but, for the sake of having a smoother reading experience, you are being given an abbreviated version of events. The following is purely a written description of the adventures of this particular party, and a way to show how the Mythic and UNE supplements can be added to the base D&D game to create a vibrant and engaging world.

Party: Adrasio, Graneth Macarde, and Candle in the Dark

Chaos Factor: 5

Scene 1 Parameters

The three adventurers are making their way across the Galdaris Plainlands on their way to the town of Findersladen to search for work.

Party Character List: None

NPC List: None

PC Character Lists: Candle – 1-3 His friend Shiny Box, 4-6 His friend Kalistra Evantis / Graneth – 1-3 His old city watch friend Ivantre Desarlen, 4-6 His father Corgasne Macarde /  Adrasio – 1-3 His friend Shelin the Worried, 4-6 His friend Lord Darxaliin Lyvantrilae

Party Threads: Travel to Findersladen

PC Threads: Candle – magic rings / Graneth – magic armor / Adrasio – magic amulets



Scene 1

Mythic Scene Roll: Unmodified

The party is traveling down the Old Road through the Galdaris Plainlands, southeast of Frawold. They are headed to the small town of Findersladen (not shown on the map). It’s a bright, sunny day and there’s not a cloud in the sky. It’s a calm and warm midday in spring.

(Check for visible travelers: 80)

There aren’t any travelers on the Old Road. Candle in the Dark runs ahead as Graneth and Adrasio talk about their past trips to Findersladen.

(Check to see if Findersladen is seen off in the distance for Candle: 38)

Candle sees the city after cresting the latest hill on the Old Road. He turns back to the two behind him and smiles. This is his first time in Findersladen, and he’s excited to see the famous town.

(Check to see if there are more travelers closer to town: 99)

As the party comes nearer the town’s gates, they notice there aren’t any people on the normally busy Old Road. In fact, it’s strangely quiet and empty. Too empty.

(Gates Open?: 48)

The gates are open, but the only visible sentries are on the towers near the town walls, and no traffic comes or goes. Something must be drawing the attention of the townsfolk and the travelers of the area.

(Is there something eventful just inside the gates?: 76)

There doesn’t appear to be anything eventful going on inside the massive wooden door gates of Findersladen.

(Is there something dangerous going on within Findersladen?: 17)

Graneth confers with the local guards atop the towers? “Good afternoon, guardsmen. Why the lack of commerce and commotion at the gates of Findersladen?”

(Is it an approaching threat from outside the gates?: 50)

“There’s trouble on the way,” one of the guards from above replies. “A giant vulture has been attacking the livestock near the farmsteads. Something’s not right with the bird.” The guardsman points to the two farmlands just outside the town gates and the farm houses built into the Findersladen walls some few hundred paces from the main gate. “It’s come three afternoons in a row, and the damnable thing has evaded my arrows.”

The party sees this as an opportunity to get in the good graces of the town guard and help the good people of Findersladen.

“We will take care of your problem,” says Adrasio. Graneth looks to him and nods. Candle readies his shortbow and nocks an arrow while scanning the skies.

(Graneth makes the best Perception check)

Graneth watches around the gates. And before long he spots the massive vulture coming out of the sky. The sun is now so blinding and bright the enormous vulture’s hard to spot as it circles and prepares, but as it flies closer its full size and full intent comes into view.

(Battle w/ 1 Giant Vulture)

Giant Vulture hp: 22>17>9>5>0

Initiative: Adrasio 22, Candle 18, Giant Vulture 11, Graneth 3

(Is it within 150’?: 99)

(Within 200’?: 38)

The beast is within 200” so Adrasio lets loose an arrow into the sky. The arrow sinks into the giant vulture’s wing doing 5 hp damage. Candle then follows with an arrow of his own, but his shortbow will fire at disadvantage at this range. The arrow sails past the vulture as the bird descends. 

The vulture doubles its movement in order to get into melee range. It moves 120’ when doubled and flying.

(Is it now within 50’?: 71)

Is it within 70’?: 24)

The giant vulture is now 60’ out from the closest member of the party, and it’s flying in at a rapid pace.

Graneth throws a javelin at disadvantage and the vulture swerves out of the way.

Adrasio lets loose another arrow, and he again strikes the huge predator; this time in its breast, scoring 9 hp damage. Candle follows up with another shot from the shortbow. He strikes the bird near Adrasio’s arrow and scores 4 hp worth of damage.

The vulture is now within 60’ of all party members and attacks…

(Adrasio?: 79, Very Likely since he did the most damage)

The massive carnivore swoops down out of the sky and attacks the centaur. It crits with its beak and does 8 points of damage, tearing into the back of Adrasio’s horse-hide. But the centaur flips itself to the side and avoids the talon swipe of its second attack. Badly injured, Adrasio contemplates his next move.

Adrasio puts his longbow away, turns away from the giant vulture which is now flying near the ground and within 5’ of him, and uses his hind legs to kick the bird. He hits the giant vulture directly in its head as it prepared for another bite with its beak. The giant bird fell to the ground and died from the hoof strike. Surprised, as he thought he would need to continue fighting the giant predator with his spear, he turned and made sure the bird was dead as his wounds shot pain through his body.

Graneth rushes over to Adrasio and lays his healing hands upon his back. The centaur immediately feels the rush of divine energy and thanks him for his aid.

(Harvest parts from the giant vulture?: 2)

Candle starts to carve up the giant vulture and finds a bountiful harvest: 2 giant vulture meat, 6 giant vulture talons, 2 giant vulture eyes.  He takes it all for possible future use in town.


Chaos Factor: 4

Scene 2 Parameters

The three adventurers seek lodging and work while in the town of Findersladen.

Party Character List: None

NPC List: Guards on the town walls

PC Character Lists: Candle – 1-3 His friend Shiny Box, 4-6 His friend Kalistra Evantis / Graneth – 1-3 His old city watch friend Ivantre Desarlen, 4-6 His father Corgasne Macarde /  Adrasio – 1-3 His friend Shelin the Worried, 4-6 His friend Lord Darxaliin Lyvantrilae

Party Threads: Seek a way to make gold via work in Findersladen

PC Threads: Candle – magic rings / Graneth – magic armor / Adrasio – magic amulets

Scene 2

Mythic Scene Roll: Unmodified


After the giant vulture was dispatched, the party confers with the guard in the tower. Graneth talks with the guard about the local watch and the two have a discussion about security for a short while. After the conversation turns to the whereabouts of local establishments, the party learns of 3 possible places to find work for adventurers seeking coin: The first is The Lucid Banshee, the second The Finderkiln, and the third is The Silver Spiggot.

The party decides to check The Finderkiln first, as it’s mentioned to be a comfortable Inn and tavern; a place where we might have the best luck.

It’s now early evening. The sun is still high enough in the sky to keep the town lit, but some of the shops are starting to close. After rounding a few street corners and taking in the sights, the party finds The Finderkiln. It’s a massive, three story inn with a large deck on the first floor. Tables, chairs, and patrons are in abundance around the inn on this early spring eve. Loud conversations and ale-fueled laughter can be heard.

Adrasio wanders around the outside of the inn to see if there are lodgings for centaurs while Candle and Graneth go inside. The Finderkiln is full of all sorts of townsfolk, eating and drinking and being merry. A few musicians are playing in the corner, and dancers and revelers are gathered around a grand counter that runs up the side of the main hall. Candle spots the innkeeper and subtly elbows Graneth to alert him where he’s headed. Graneth follows and then speaks up when they get within earshot.

“Greetings, good sir,” Graneth said to the innkeeper.

The elf turned toward him, looked him up and down, then smiled. “What can we do for you gents, eh?” She looks to have her hands full with this busy place. 

“We’re looking for work.”

The elf nods her head in the direction of a large, wooden board nailed to the far wall. “Have a look. Then come see me when you need to fill that belly of yours.”

They make their way through the gathered folk and begin reading the various scrolls pinned to the board.

(Lodging for centaurs: 59 on a likely roll)

Meanwhile, Adrasio sees The Finderkiln inn has a secondary place of lodging for centaurs, connected to the rear of the building. He and Graneth expected this grand inn to have such accommodations. Both have been to Findersladen before, but neither to The Finderkiln inn. He makes his way inside the one-story add-on to the main inn. Inside he finds a few centaurs and dwarves conversing around tables and a long hallway that presumably leads off into the places of rest for those of his blood.

Back inside the main inn, Candle and Graneth are scouring the board.

(Check for particularly good jobs: 96)

They find only a few small jobs, and none of them look very appealing. One mentions a series of catacombs running near and beneath a portion of the town. These catacombs were used to store trafficked goods years ago, but have since been filled with undesirable bandits, creatures, and all manner of problematic elements, in recent days. The scroll mentions a “star rose quarts necklace” that a member of a local meat distributer would like returned to his family. He offers a detailed map of where to find the entrance to the storage catacombs as well as a mention of 175 golf pieces for anyone able to retrieve the item. It’s not a great job, but Candle shrugs his shoulders in mild acceptance. Graneth takes the parchment from the board and leads Candle back to the innkeeper.

“We’ll need a room for the night,” he says loudly over the crowd of voices.

“You got it,” she replies. “That’s the last one. We’re now a full house. Is it just the two of you?”

“And a centaur. He’s outside. He’ll need a separate room.”

“6 gold,” she yells back. “I’ll tell Salita to fetch you your keys and show you to your rooms,” a patron shoved into as she was finishing her sentence. “Enjoy your stay!”

(Uninterrupted long rest?: 47)



Chaos Factor: 3

Scene 3 Parameters

The three adventurers rest in The Finderkiln Inn before heading off to find the entrance to a nearby catacombs once used as a storage facility.

Party Character List: None

NPC List: Guards on the town walls, Finderkiln Innkeeper (female elf with an unknown name), Salita (Innkeeper’s helper)

PC Character Lists: Candle – 1-3 His friend Shiny Box, 4-6 His friend Kalistra Evantis / Graneth – 1-3 His old city watch friend Ivantre Desarlen, 4-6 His father Corgasne Macarde /  Adrasio – 1-3 His friend Shelin the Worried, 4-6 His friend Lord Darxaliin Lyvantrilae

Party Threads: Find the special necklace for the local vendor’s family

PC Threads: Candle – magic rings / Graneth – magic armor / Adrasio – magic amulets


Scene 3

Mythic Scene Roll: Unmodified

The three sit down outside the inn, on one of the outdoor patios, and take in some food and drink. A silver piece each nets them a sizable spiced turkey leg and mug of the regional wine. They all find the deal more than acceptable and the taste exquisite. Now they know why this place packs the customers in like sardines.

(Check for overheard jobs: 92 on unlikely)

While eating, they try to keep their ears open to the others in the vicinity. Hoping to find work from someone in this town, they’re always listening and scanning the streets. But nothing comes of it. In fact, there’s even talk of so little work being needed that the only thing the guards have to do is keep trivial threats like the giant vultures away.

Having been glad to receive, at the very least, the meager job from the listed scroll, the trio heads to their rooms for the night. Adrasio stays on the first floor and makes his way to the back of the inn. Candle and Graneth head upstairs to their rooms.

(Events during the night: 55 on very unlikely, doubled number doesn’t trigger an event with the chaos factor so low)

The three sleep through the night without incident and are well rested come morning.



Chaos Factor: 2

Scene 4 Parameters

The party leaves the Finderkiln Inn and heads outside the town gates on their way to the storage catacombs listed on the job parchment.

Party Character List: None

NPC List: Guards on the town walls, Finderkiln Innkeeper (female elf with an unknown name), Salita (Innkeeper’s helper)

PC Character Lists: Candle – 1-3 His friend Shiny Box, 4-6 His friend Kalistra Evantis / Graneth – 1-3 His old city watch friend Ivantre Desarlen, 4-6 His father Corgasne Macarde /  Adrasio – 1-3 His friend Shelin the Worried, 4-6 His friend Lord Darxaliin Lyvantrilae

Party Threads: Find the special necklace for the local vendor’s family

PC Threads: Candle – magic rings / Graneth – magic armor / Adrasio – magic amulets


Scene 4

Mythic Scene Roll: Unmodified

With their equipment packed and their rations secured, the party leaves the Inn and heads back to the front gates of Findersladen.

(Interrupted on the way: 65 on an unlikely)

They see a few citizens in the morning light, but otherwise it’s a calm scene as the sun rises.

The guards are stationed at their same posts, on the walls on Findersladen. Graneth waves as the party exits, and the guard nods in response.

(Any event on the way to the catacombs entrance?: 5, key words – procrastinate, mundane)

While making their way north of Findersladen, Adrasio produces the scroll and looks over the location for the entrance they seek. It’s not far from the edge of town, and the party appears to be heading the right way. Content with his findings, he puts the scroll away.

“What say you, Adras? Somewhere near?” Graneth says over his shoulder while looking to Adrasio.

“Aye, watchman,” Adrasio replies to Graneth.

Candle continues onward while the two talk. He spots a number of trees that catch his eye. They look to have unusual berries hanging from their branches. Quickly, he changes course and scampers over to the trees.

“What’s that? What’s Candle found?” said Adrasio.

Graneth turns to watch his tabaxi friend. He smiles when he sees the berries and cluster of trees. “Our feline friend has a certain taste for those. We’ll have to stay a while. He’ll have a belly full in no time, and then he’ll be sound asleep.”

Adrasio shakes his head then scans the horizon in all directions. “Fair enough. But we’d better keep a lookout for more vultures. Something’s stirring the beasts here. I can feel it.”

Graneth nods in acceptance then follows his tabaxi friend into the loose cropping of berry trees.

(Encounters while Candle sleeps: 29)

Shortly after Candle in the Dark consumed a belly full of berries, he fell into a deep slumber. Graneth started to converse with Adrasio, but the centaur put his hand up to silence him.

“Shhh. We’re not alone. More agitated beasts are stirring.”

Graneth readied his javelin as he replied. “Are you sure? I don’t hear anyth-“

Charging boars rush towards the party. No surprise round is offered. Initiative is rolled.  


(Battle w/ 2 Boars)

Boar 1 hp: 11>4>0

Boar 2 hp: 11>6>2>0

Initiative: Boars 18, Candle 14, Graneth 10, Adrasio 10,

(Are they within 150’?: 31)

(Within 60-100’?: 35)

The boars have already closed to within 150’, so they’ve managed to be quiet enough in their pursuit to nearly surprise the party. Both boars charge and double their movement, running 80’ each. The boars receive a charge attack next round.

Graneth runs over and kicks Candle to wake him up. “Get up, you fool cat!”

Candle groggily opens his eyes as Graneth releases a javelin towards one of the boars. The javelin strikes the boar in its head, momentarily stopping the beast in its tracks.  Then it gets it bearings and continues toward the party.

Adrasio tries to gallop a few paces over to gain a better shot, but his release point wasn’t good. He missed the boar with an arrow from his longbow.

The boars are now on top of the party. The first boar, with a javelin hanging from its head, charges Graneth. It collides with Graneth dealing 8 slashing damage.

The second boar charges at Candle as he’s waking up and getting to his feet, but Candle evades with a deft ability only available to those of his kind. The boar scrambles to turn around.

Candle quickly produces his shortbow and takes a point blank shot with disadvantage. He strikes the boar with arrow to the side, doing 5 points of piercing damage.

Adrasio stops, readies his shot, and releases an arrow from his longbow into the boar nearest Graneth. The arrow strikes true, killing the beast on the spot.

The remaining boar attempts to strike Candle in retaliation. It hits him, gouging his arm. Candle in the Dark takes 5 points of piecing damage and is beginning to bleed through his leather armor.

Putting the shortbow away, Candle then swipes at the boar with his claws. He slashes open the side of the boar, and the beast looks drained and fatigued.  

Graneth runs to Candle’s side while throwing a javelin at the remaining boar. The javelin finds its mark and the boar falls dead.  

Candle immediately sits down and begins to tend to his wounds by licking the affected area. “Looks like dinner has presented itself, friends,” the cat man says.

Graneth laughs. The cat could always turn anything into a lighthearted affair. Never fails.

Adrasio puts his longbow away and gives Candle a look of disappointment out of the corner of his eye as he trots his massive frame and powerful hooves back to his friends’ side.

(Check for boar meat: 100 on very likely)  


While carving up the boars for dinner, Candle notices a strange contagion or cursed substance within the beasts. Something is obviously wrong with these animals, and he suspects the giant vulture was also affected.

“Get rid of the vulture flesh, Adras,” Candle in the Dark mentioned to his centaur friend.

Adrasio reaches into his sack and produces a few sealed jars of giant vulture parts.  The flesh within is now a black and purple ooze. Shocked and disheartened, Adrasio confers with the rest of the party as to what to do with these corrupted masses.

Now that the party is aware of something nefarious affecting the beasts of the region, or at least the local vicinity, their curiosity is piqued. But they’ll need a bit of rest and some time to mend their wounds before they press on. They discard the giant vulture flesh they jarred and burn the entirety of the vulture and boar meat.

The rest of the journey to the entrance of the storage catacombs was uneventful. The sunny midday begins to turn to an overcast early eve as the map’s reference mark is reached. Candle scouts the area around the entrance and see nothing unusual. Adrasio observes the tracks in the area while Graneth aids Candle.

The entrance to the catacombs is a wide open set of double doors leading into a manmade hillside. One side of the doors is covered in dust and cobwebs, but the other looks well-used. One door is wide open as the party appears, and the foot traffic near the door looks plentiful; based on the tracks observed by Adrasio.

Judging by what Graneth knows about storage catacombs like this one, cities and towns use locations like these for storing equipment and surplus armories that they’d prefer to keep away from the general populace. They’re also used as staging areas in case of the unfortunate event of fleeing a locale in times of distress. Cities will use these facilities for a variety of purposes, but they’re generally unknown to the average citizen. It’s not uncommon for larger cities to have storage catacombs a few miles outside of towns, such as this, but Findersladen is not a particularly large town. It strikes the party as odd that a small town would require such a place. And this storage facility, based on the parchment, runs clear underneath the town’s edge.

Candle motions for Graneth to stay back as he sneaks his way to the opened doorway.

(Activity check: 23)

Graneth and Adrasio separate and keep watch on Candle’s position as he peers into the darkness of the doorway. Using the sun’s rays as aid, Candle spots a long staircase and a wide hallway. One side of the hallway is a flat ramp that runs the full length of the stairwell, all the way to the base of what looks to be a hallway heading into the catacombs. Looks standard, he assumes. Based on what he’s heard mention of the storage facilities being used for, he guesses the ramp is a way to load and unload goods with quickness and ease.

With no one around and nothing impeding the party at the entry point, Candle keeps his gaze focused on the stairs as he reaches back outside and waves his two party members in.


Chaos Factor: 1

Scene 5 Parameters

The party heads into the storage catacombs in search of the necklace. They know they only have a short window before nightfall, so they seek to make haste and rest within the underground facility if necessary.

Party Character List: None

NPC List: Guards on the town walls, Finderkiln Innkeeper (female elf with an unknown name), Salita (Innkeeper’s helper)

PC Character Lists: Candle – 1-3 His friend Shiny Box, 4-6 His friend Kalistra Evantis / Graneth – 1-3 His old city watch friend Ivantre Desarlen, 4-6 His father Corgasne Macarde /  Adrasio – 1-3 His friend Shelin the Worried, 4-6 His friend Lord Darxaliin Lyvantrilae

Party Threads: Find the special necklace for the local vendor’s family / Find out what’s causing the animals around Findersladen to become corrupted and hostile.

PC Threads: Candle – 1-3 magic rings, 4-6 Cause of the corrupted animals / Graneth – 1-3 magic armor, 4-6 cause of the corrupted animals / Adrasio – 1-3 magic amulets, 4-6 cause of the corrupted animals


Scene 5

Mythic Scene Roll: Unmodified

Upon their descent into the storage catacombs, the musty, moldy odor fills their nostrils. Candle is particularly bothered by the scent. His whiskers are seen twitching by Adrasio as the lumbering centaur maneuvers his way down the long stairs. The party notices the flagstone design of the catacombs and the superior masonry involved in its construction.

There’s a cool breeze coming from deeper in the underground enclosure, which was expected by Graneth. By the description of the place, and the distance from the edge of town that it’s said to reach, there must be any number of crosswinds at work from the various points of entry.

After they reach the end of the long stairwell, a darkened hallway extends from their position. Candle in the Dark stays ten paces out in front, as he searches for traps and tells the party to wait at the base of the stairs. Candle can see out to 60’ in total darkness, by discerning the shapes in shades of gray.

(Torch within the initial 70’ hallway?: 97)

The group sees nothing but pitch black, some 50-60’ down the hallway. No lit torches, lamps, or sources of light are in the immediate area. This strikes Graneth as a good sign. It’s possible this area is free from danger and vacant for the time being.

“Adras, spark the back and let Candle take the advance.”

Adrasio nods to Graneth and lights up a torch. He remains behind Graneth as Candle slowly make his way ahead of the party while searching for traps along the hallway’s stonework walls and well-tiled stone floors.

(Unusual odor: 50)

(Related to the animal corruption: 25)

The strong scent of moldy odor intensifies as they make their way slowly down the hall. Candle, being several paces ahead, begins to realize a connection because of his powerful scene of smell.

“There’s a soured, earth-based note in this odor, Graneth.  I smelled it earlier within the boar. I suggest we leave this place and find another point of entry,” Candle says before motioning to cover his mouth.

Graneth crouches down and replied, “Stay low. It’s lessened near the floor. I don’t think we’ll find a more suitable entry point for your liking, my feline friend. You are blessed with senses that now curse your current situation, but let us make due until the job is done.”

Candle looks content to continue on, but his displeasure is evident. It’s not the first time he’s been told to fall in line by Graneth, but he knows the human hasn’t failed him yet.

They keep low and slow while traversing the first stretch of the catacombs. The first hallway heads to a westward curve. But, just before the curve reveals itself, a door presents itself on one side.

(Locked: 65)

(Trapped: 81)

Candle checks the door from a few feet out.

(trap checks and lock checks are made after the determination of the door type, with failure indicating a detrimental effect, in conjunction with using multiple systems)

The door is of a thick, wooden design, but it appeared to be cracked open and was not trapped. Candle waves to the others to approach, and the party slowly enters the room, with Candle and his shortbow taking every precaution at the party’s front.

(Contents: Pursue, Possessions)

(Possible addition from donjon: 40)

Slowly opening the door reveals a gruesome sight. It seems the scent throughout the hallway masked the smell of blood that emanates from this room, for the entire room is littered with the remnants of a goblin band that met a terrible end. Torn and shredded goblin parts are scattered with abandon, some looking as though tossed against the wall. The violent splatter that covers an unusually high portion of the wall indicates something took sick pleasure in this destruction, or had some vendetta against these little creatures.

Small tables and chairs are splintered and shattered in one corner of the room, and a few cabinets which look as though haven’t been touched in years rest within another.

While the entrails were enough to cause Candle’s gaze to fixate on every possible movement coming from his cursory observation, he wasn’t prepared to witness what he saw. Sitting some fifteen feet behind the doorway was a foul looking demonic creature. The beast stood no higher than Candle’s waist, but was terrible to witness nonetheless. It had multiple eyes protruding from a spherical mass of teeth, legs and clawed arms. He counted three arms and five legs. And within the giant, gaping maw that opened up within its center, a slight green mist was pouring into the room. The eyes were closed as if the creature was resting, but the mist was being released as if intentional.

The creature appeared to be sleeping, or concentrating. Candle couldn’t be sure, but he immediately made the calculation this thing was causing the problems within the local fauna.

Candle peered back from behind the door and put his finger to his lips in order to signal the party of an ill omen from beyond their sight.


(Battle w/ Maw Demon)

Maw Demon hp: 33

Initiative: Adrasio 19, Maw Demon 18, Candle 5, Graneth 5,

(Candle gains Surprise)


Candle was so nervous about seeing the strange creature he took an errant shot from his shortbow that landed near the quieted monster. It immediately opened its many eyes and took to the door to engage the intruders.

Adrasio rushes through the doorway as he hears the creature stir, blowing his way past his comrades. He too shoots wildly after seeing what form of hideous monstrosity resided behind the doorway.

The maw demon charged the door and bit down on Candle’s midsection, causing the tabaxi to yell out in pain. With little to resist the devastating attack, Candle in the Dark falls to the floor unconscious within the monster’s biting grasp.

Graneth, seeing his friend grasped within the mouth of the foul little thing, rushes to its side and tries to bring his warhammer down and atop the beast’s head. The creature sees him coming and jumps out of the way, releasing its grasp from Candle.

A guttural groan of satisfaction flows from the creature’s widened mouth, as more of the mist is emitted.

Adrasio tries to come around behind the creature with his spear, but again the monster is too fast and sees all. It quickly shifts away from the thrust.

“This is trouble, sir,” Adrasio yells out to his friend, stating the obvious yet alerting him to the fact they may need to change course.

Graneth assesses the danger and realizes they may be in over their heads. As he watches the beast, it charges him with mouth agape. Graneth bats the beast away with his shield, but it looks more annoyed than rattled.

“Aye, Adras. Take Candle,” replied Graneth as he swung his warhammer. The demon quickly shuttled out of the way of the hammer attack yet again, and the speed of the beast became troublingly obvious.

Adrasio, with the speed only a centaur can muster, flew back out the doorway as he grabbed Candle in the Dark and slung him over his back like a sack of potatoes. Up the hallway he went, choking on the foul odor. The demon attempted to bite down on the centaur’s leg, but to no avail.

Graneth stayed planted by the door, gritting his teeth and provoking the creature.

The maw demon leaped for a bite, but again Graneth batted it away with his shield.

“Is that it, demon?! Is that all you’ve got?!” the old city watchman belted out as he readied for another swing. But again the creature moved away. This beast’s demonic speed is more than they prepared for.

As the action within the doorway wore on, Adrasio managed to make it back outside and rested Candle in the grassy flatlands of the Galdaris Plainlands. He began to bandage up his feline friend as the sound of a gasping and wheezing Graneth was heard coming up the stairs.

“The door! Get the door!”

Adrasio aided Graneth in barring the external door of the catacombs, sealing the demon on the stairwell and ramp. The two waited until the demon gave up its efforts and made its way back into the darkness.

Battered and needing aid, the party realized this seemingly simple task offered by a merchant in Findersladen was far more complicated than it appeared.

Chaos Factor: 2

Scene 6 Parameters

Candle in the Dark needs plenty of rest, and the party needs to take stock of the situation. The catacombs are calling, and the necklace is nowhere near as valuable as the dangers underfoot, but the party sees more questions than answers and curiosity is working on more than the cat.

Party Character List: None

NPC List: Guards on the town walls, Finderkiln Innkeeper (female elf with an unknown name), Salita (Innkeeper’s helper), grotesque maw demon emitting some sort of vaporous mist

PC Character Lists: Candle – 1-3 His friend Shiny Box, 4-6 His friend Kalistra Evantis / Graneth – 1-3 His old city watch friend Ivantre Desarlen, 4-6 His father Corgasne Macarde /  Adrasio – 1-3 His friend Shelin the Worried, 4-6 His friend Lord Darxaliin Lyvantrilae

Party Threads: Find the special “star rose quarts necklace” for the local vendor’s family / Find out what’s causing the animals around Findersladen to become corrupted and hostile.

PC Threads: Candle – 1-3 magic rings, 4-6 Cause of the corrupted animals / Graneth – 1-3 magic armor, 4-6 cause of the corrupted animals / Adrasio – 1-3 magic amulets, 4-6 cause of the corrupted animals

Scene 6

Mythic Scene Roll: Unmodified


(Evening Rest Check: 00)

The party makes its way north of the entrance to the catacombs, seeking a good place to rest and recuperate while deciding their next move. They notice an eerie silence has befallen the plains. It’s in stark contrast to the frenzied chaos of the first room explored within the storage area.

“I still smell it,” muttered Candle from the back of Adrasio, holding his side in pain.

Graneth looked to him while they walked. “So what are your thoughts, my curious friend? Rest for the eve and take out chances in that vault in the morn?”

Candle turned to look back to the south as the steady up and down motion of riding Adrasio’s back bobbed his head slightly. “Let us see what the locals know of this unusual demon within the catacombs. And by chance what they know of this vaporous ill.”

Graneth smiled as he listened to Candle in the Dark speak. He wasn’t about to let the party head back into that fracas of doom without consulting those in Findersladen in an effort to solve this riddle, but he wanted to know how the tabaxi would react to their dilemma.

“Very well,” Graneth said calmly.

Adrasio pointed to a stretch of trees near a hill. “That looks as good a spot as any. We’re far enough to spot the dread thing from that hill, should it head north.”

“Agreed, Adras,” Graneth replied.

The party made camp near two trees and the base of the hill. Adras took first watch near the side of the hill.

The evening came and went in total silence. No movement from the far roadway, just visible from the top of the hill, and not a sound from the local plains land creatures.

(Secondary Event Check: 68)   


The sun came up on a cool morning. The breeze felt more like late fall than early spring. The party packed up camp. Graneth tended to Candle’s wounds one last time before they began to make their way back southward.

Staying wide of the entrance to the catacombs in their travels, Adrasio occasionally ran ahead and scouted the area near and around the entrance. Having a skilled ranger, and particularly a centaur ranger, has proven quite advantageous for scouting purposes.

“No sign of trouble. Seems the creature remained below,” the centaur said when returning from his final pass.

“Thank you, Adras,” responded Graneth with a hint of disappointment. The old city watchman knows they must return to town emptyhanded and seek out answers, but his pursuant nature creates unease within his restless soul.  He was hoping to have the necklace in hand by now.

(Check Near The Gates: 44)

After rounding a few of the farmsteads connected to the Findersladen town walls, the party noticed something out of place.

(Townsfolk Event: 49)

(New NPC: 96)

(Guard dogs?: 26)

One of the breeding establishments for the guard dogs of Findersladen had gates flung wide and evidence of a struggle in the grass out front. There was blood on a fence post, a broken wall of one of the smaller shacks used for the animals, and a visibly dead hound near the breeder’s main enclosure.

Candle, now walking on his own and feeling a bit better, sniffed the air and crouched down into a defensive posture immediately.

Adrasio nocked an arrow in his longbow and slowly scanned everything in the area with his gaze.

Graneth was the first through the open gateway. He looked down the town walls and up to the guard towers, but didn’t see evidence of guards on the towers. He attributed it to a potential changing of the guard, given the time of day. But surely someone would have seen this struggle if it happened earlier, he thought.   

After a few minutes of investigating it became clear why the guards in the tower were absent. Both were found dead around the back side of the breeder’s house. Another dead hound was found with what was presumed to be the breeder within its mouth. All were recently deceased, and the smell of death in the air was as strong as the evident smell that all three party members immediately recognized.

“It would appear the odorous menace has taken to the hounds of Findersladen,” Graneth said flatly with a look of disgust. “I’ll tell the constable. You two see what you can find at the Finderkiln. It’s as good a starting spot as any, for gathering information. At least we know that inn brings in voices.”

(Event within gates: 60 on unlikely)

Graneth went out ahead of the others. He noticed the townsfolk selling their wares and socializing with newcomers on the main roads. Children were playing near the constable’s office, and Graneth wondered if anyone in this busy part of town had any clue of the dangers brewing so close to town.

Once inside the town hall, Graneth began a discussion with a clerk and scribe who greeted him.

Meanwhile, Candle and Adrasio were just entering the Finderkiln. It was a busy establishment yet again. They wondered if there’s ever a respite for the workers of this fine inn.

Adrasio could only come in so far, as the entirety of the first floor was not suitable for centaurs, but they managed to track down the kind elven innkeeper who they spoke with previously.

“Greetings, my friends! Good to see you again,” said the elf.

Candle smiled and responded, “Hello, dear elf. It is good to see you as well. Might I catch your name, lass?”


“Phaesari Oldrastiel,” the elven innkeeper replied.

“Tis a beautiful name,” said Adrasio. “I’ve always admired elven naming convention. Centauri cultures are sometimes too subtle for my liking.”

Phaesari smiled at the centaur then turned her gaze to Candle. “What can I do for you two? How goes your job hunting?”

Candle’s smile fades. “Work we found, but there’s an uncomfortable result. Is there anyone in this town who is wise to the ways of demonology?”

Phaesari gave a look of concern. “There is, friends. But she doesn’t make herself known to us average folk at the Finderkiln.”

Candle and Adrasio looked at each other briefly before Candle continued. “Where can we find this person?”

Phaesari motioned for the two to follow her outside. She gave them directions to a house near the opposite end of town, far from the main gates of Findersladen.

While the two were chatting with the innkeeper, Graneth was finishing up with the constable’s office. “I thank you for your time, m’lord.”

The old warden raised a brow and rested a hand on his hilt. “Graneth Macarde, you’ve done good today. Your bringing this to our attention is appreciated. We will deal with the situation outside the gates, double our watch, send patrols northward, and stay clear of the old storage catacombs, for now. But, you have a small window of opportunity, my friend. Don’t hesitate.”

“We won’t, m’lord. Our fair band will see it through, and we’ll be out of your hair in no time,” responded Graneth.

A handshake sealed the deal, and Graneth waved to the clerk upon his exit. A deal was struck. The party would be given a week to deal with the storage catacombs before the constable would call for aid from surrounding cities and towns. After the given week, the catacombs would be wiped clean of any foul evil that lurks within. Should the party find the necklace and retrieve it for the meat distributer, they are to finish their job while also reporting any and all findings from within the catacombs to the constable. And if the constable does not hear from Graneth within a week’s time, he will begin the process of assembling surrounding forces. It was clear to Graneth the constable’s preferred option was to not have to call for aid and spend his own town’s resources on this task, so Graneth made sure to massage the conversation into what was best for both parties.  

Taking a deep breath of the fresh air outside, Graneth joined the masses of locals in the roadway outside as he began walking to the Finderkiln to find his compatriots. His mind wandered as he thought of the many ways the conversation he just had could have went differently. His dealings with men such as this warden were many, but they always left something to be desired.